Where does “Minerds Bell” come from? – Minerds Bell

MBWhere does "Minerds Bell" come from?

Today we took the time to learn about our company's history and where 'Minerds Bell' comes from... When Andrew and Brenton took over from their Dad, Clive, it was decided a name change was needed. Being a family business the boys decided to look to their heritage for inspiration. With their Mum, Jenny's side of the family having last names such as 'Creeper' those options were quickly squashed. The boys dug a bit deeper and discovered Great Great Grandpa James Edward Bell Minerds who was a resident of the Mitcham area and whose house still stands in Mitcham today. James was a coach driver for Sir and Lady Barr Smith who's residence is now Scotch College. James' children and relatives continue to live in the Mitcham area. James' son Henry 'Harry' fought in World War 1 as a lieutenant with the 50th battalion infantry and was killed in 1917 on the front line at Broodseinde Ridge Yores Sector, making today, Remembrance Day, a fitting day to take the time to remember Minerds Bell's history.

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