Want to be in the good books this Valentines Day?

Want to be in the good books this Valentine's Day?

For all the lovers out there and the partners that have forgotten... it's Valentine's Day on Sunday! Everyone wants to be in the good books with their better half so Minerds Bell are giving you a solution that has minimal dishes, minimal ingredients and maximum brownie points!

Chocolate Mousse  (Serves 2)

400g Can full fat coconut milk (DO NOT SHAKE IT)
2 Tbls Cocoa powder (please use the nice stuff!)
3 Tbls Maple syrup (you can swap this for honey if you have no syrup)

Place the can of coconut milk in the freezer for roughly half an hour (sounds mad but trust us). The coconut solids will separate from the coconut water. Once separated open the can and scoop the coconut milk solids off the top into a bowl and whip with an electric whisk or beater. When the coconut looks nice and fluffy add the cocoa and syrup and whip the mixture some more (stir the coco in a bit first so you don’t make a mess... happy wife = happy life). At this stage the mousse will be runny with bubbles. Divide the mixture into little bowls (or glasses if you want extra brownie points) and pop in the freezer to solidify for roughly 20 mins. Mousse will be ready when the middle is very slightly wobbly. Top with fresh fruit and guard yours with your life!

Ps. Can also be used as a get out of jail free card throughout the year...

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