Financial Planning Week – Share The Dream

Welcome to Financial Planning Week for 2018!

This year, we are encouraging Australians to 'Share the Dream' with the next generation. The focus is on the next wave of 'dreamers', sharing money wisdom and practical tips with the people raising the next generation, so they can pass on the financial habits and skills that children will need later on in life.

For the month of September, we would like to offer members of the Unley Jets Football Club a 1 hour consultation with Minerds Bell Consultancy Group, for a free, no obligation, financial health check to see if one of our financial coaches can help you. If you would like to take up our offer, please see the under 9's coach Andrew Harris, or contact our office on 08 8373 1711.

In addition to this great offer, we would also like to share this free e-Book with you. The e-Book provides tips and insights for raising the "invisible money generation". Highlighted throughout the e-Book are ways to help your kids and grand-kids become more financially savvy.

Generation Alpha (children aged between 4 and 8) and Generation Zed (ages 9 to 18) are the first to be born into an always-on, multi-screen world that prizes instant gratification. As a parent of 9 year-old Will and 11 year-old Olivia, my dream is to empower them to make informed choices about money, and appreciate the value of work and determination.

We look forward to hearing from you, and hope you enjoy the e-Book.

Kind regards
Andrew Harris
Practice Principal and Authorised Representative

Download the e-Book here - How to Talk Money With Children 





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